Northbrook EV Charging Station Installation

Willcox Electrical is the preferred EV charging contractor in the Northbrook area. There are many benefits to adding electric vehicle charging services to your property or business. EV charging installation will attract new tenants, customers, employees, and more! Willcox Electrical is the trusted EV installer you need to add value to your property with an EV charging station installation. Our professional team is proud to serve our Northbrook clients.

Northbrook EV Charging Installation

Northbrook, IL is located on the northern edge of Cook County, IL, and 32,958 people call it home. Northbrook offers residents a respite from busy city life with a beautiful park district and recreational activities. Northbrook businesses and residents will greatly benefit from an EV charging station installation from Willcox Electrical. We will get the job done right and at a price, you appreciate.

Northbrook EV Charging Contractor​

Offering commercial and residential EV charging station installations, Willcox Electrical will meet your needs as your chosen EV charging installer. We offer a customized EV charging installation, saving you time and money in the long run. Receiving a proper EV charging station installation will also increase your property’s value, so choose the EV charging contractor that will get the job done right, Willcox Electrical. Call us today for a FREE consultation!
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